Our member supermarket stores have kind of payments which are;

    1. Cash at the door, when delivery man bring your orders
    2. With credit card or debit card (visa, master card etc.), when delivery man bring your orders to your door.
    3. You can pay your order with meal checks if only related supermarket store technically accept this payment option.It 

    All these payment options are at door while you pick up your orders.

    But It depends all to supermarket which you are shopping. Some of our supermarket stores allow all kind payment but some of only accept cash.
    Please check it out at payment step while you are giving order.

    Sorry. We DO NOT accept online payment methods now for several reasonable reasons.

    News : Meal checks logo and icons will show up in our system in the payment option area beside cash and credit card buttons.

    Exactly all items are same price as store shelf which prices in our system. 

    Special Case: Sometimes when your order total amount might be different between and while you pick up your delivery. Because of example:lets say your total order amount 180 lira. 2 items what you are ordered from supermarket is missed in real time in the store.. and supermarket put alternative products instead of these 2 missed items. So new total amount might be 175 lira or 185 lira.

    In our service there are no extra fee , no annual fee, no service fee and always will be not.

    We will announce our customers when we added new payment methods into our system.

    Enjoy your shopping :)®