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    WHAT IS®

    It is a marketplace model e-commerce site that only mediates supermarkets for getting order via the own website, iOS and android phone / tablet applications.

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    Why Should You Open a Web Store?

    Because the share of e-commerce sector in the sector increases day by day. Users now tend to order online instead of going to the stores and tend to meet their needs with a click. Being in the web world is becoming a necessity.

    Cost Comparison Between Opening Web Store and Physical Store


    • Store Rent + Withholding
    • Personnel Expenses + Official Expenses
    • Rack + Equipment + Decoration Expenses
    • Technological Hardware + Software Expenses
    • Electricity + Refrigeration + Warehouse Expenses
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    To Open a Store Branch in®

    Only x % commission will be charged over the Current Order.

    With Your Web Store All People in Your City are Your Potential Customers

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    Impact area that can be reached with your physical store

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    Impact area that can be reached with®

    market & store orders delivered to door


    • Discount markets opening under almost every apartment
    • Hypermarket chains with high advertising power
    • E-commerce sites that enable cargo sales
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    Other Advantages of Opening an Internet Branch / Web Store:


    Through the used software, order taking, supply chain management, stock control, delivery operations, etc. saves time when marketing activities are carried out in the few seconds.


    There is no limit to the products that can be put into a web store. You put products according to your wishes.


    Decreasing costs also reduces the prices of products. At this point, price-focused customers can be reached.


    Since you offer more convenient shopping online for the customer, the average shopping amounts are higher than the customer who comes to your store.


    There are catalog, brochure etc. costs in traditional marketing. However, the cost is lower because the promotion on online shopping is carried out over the web.

    Comparison of Cost of developing your own store website and attending in®

    Expenses of Your Own Web Store

    • Annual Domain fee
    • Server fee per month / year
    • Website development cost
    • Mobile application development cost
    • Site graphic design
    • SEO / SEM service costs
    • Brand patent costs
    • Expenses of infiltration / security testing of your site
    • Expenses of Google AdWords advertising and consulting costs
    • Call center costs for customer order tracking
    • Staffing costs for managing your website

    The Costs of Your Web Store at®

    You pay when you

    How Does the System Work?

    Products that have been added to the market or whose price has changed are instantly transferred to the page of your market on® by integrating into the stock barcode program you are using. Within 1 hour we create the web store page of your market.

    Market Stock Information

    1. Product Names
    2. Barcode Code
    3. Product Prices
    Manual view in laptop

    Transmitting of the Orders to Member Markets from®


    Information of the order given by the customer send to the your e-mail address defined in our system as an instant mail.


    You can follow orders from all branches from a single panel from your exclusive management panel. If you want, you can also print your orders through your ERP system.


    In addition, a message is sent as free sms like '' there is an order created from® '' to the mobile phone number that you have defined in the system

    Ready Database & Infrastructure

    With our constantly developing software, supermarket sector specific services that we present;


    product database image

    Ready 60,000 kinds of barcode code and product name, brand information.

    Private Admin Panel

    store admin panel view

    A store panel that allows all branches to follow their orders instantly.

    Category and Product Images

    categorized products image

    Ready 60,000 categorized products and product images.

    Other Advantages of®


    Take advantage of local and national advertising to get more orders.


    Ads to be published on your personalized digital platforms. For example; Facebook, Google Adwords ...


    You can see all the orders from the private admin panel of your market and you can check the orders of all branches from the center for the markets with branches.

    4® provides support for your city and region specific ad campaigns.


    Various campaigns are also provided with your supermarket within the private business association.


    WE DON'T MISS ANY CUSTOMER is in all platforms apps in IOS & Android platforms